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New publication: NORMalize Workshop (@ RecSys23)

15 Sept 2023

Exploring Power Dynamics in Digital Platform Markets: A Pragmatic Approach to Normative Recommender Systems

We are excited to share that our research team has contributed a paper to the first workshop on Normative Design and Evaluation of Recommender Systems (NORMalize), co-located with the 17th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems in Singapore.

Our paper, titled "Towards a Pragmatic Approach for studying Normative Recommender Systems: exploring Power Dynamics in Digital Platform Markets" examines two key economic dynamics prevalent in digital media markets that challenge the development of normative RSs.

The first hurdle focuses on the susceptibility of digital platforms to lock-in and monopolization due to network effects, skewing the power balance towards system providers. The second hurdle delves into the "attention economy" and the engagement-centric logic in RS design. This logic, while successful in boosting engagement, might compete with explicit or long-term user objectives We illustrate the real-world significance of these dynamic with insights from the domains of video-on-demand and news media. Furthermore, by offering policy recommendations we wish to address the normative challenges that arise in RS design.

PhD researcher Hanne Vandenbroucke will be presenting this paper during the NORMalize workshop on Tuesday, September 19.

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