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Our work-in-progress at DBWRS 2023

18 Dec 2023

Explore our work-in-progress presentations at DBWRS2023

Last week our team attended the first edition of the Dutch-Belgian Workshop on Recommender Systems. DBWRS 2023 proved to be a dynamic event for the exchange of ideas, insights, and ongoing research. Among the highlights were the six compelling work-in-progress posters presented by our researchers. In this blog post, we are excited to share a glimpse into these projects, providing a brief overview of the groundbreaking work our team is currently undertaking.

1. What Will We Be Streaming Tonight? And Why?

This project delves into the fascinating world of streaming preferences. The Living Lab project explores the affordances that influence users' choices in content consumption. From binge-worthy series to thought-provoking documentaries, we're unraveling the intricate tapestry of streaming behaviors.

2. Newsroom Realities: An Exploration of Changing Dynamics in News Organizations in Relation to Recommender Systems

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, Hanne's PhD-journey investigates the impact of implementing recommender systems on newsroom dynamics. How do different stakeholders wihtin news organizations look at the potential opportunities and risks of recommendations and personalization?

3. Assessing the Potential of Large Language Models for Personalized Explainable Recommendations in Media

Large language models have revolutionized natural language processing. In his PhD, Ulysse will explore their potential for personalized and explainable recommendations in the media domain. Uncover the methodologies and insights that pave the way for a more transparent and user-centric recommender system.

4. Intention and Behavior: A Systematic Review of Literature on Users Preferences in Recommendation Systems

Understanding users is at the heart of designing effective recommendation systems. Through an systematic literature review, Dongxiao sheds light on the intricate interplay between user intentions and actual behavior.

5. Discovering the Rhythm: The Impact of Online Platform Recommender Systems on Music Discoverability

Music is a universal language, and our researchers in the FairMuse project are exploring how online platform recommender systems influence the discoverability of music. From algorithmic playlists to tailored suggestions, we're uncovering the rhythm that shapes users' musical exploration.

6. Gatekeeping in the Digital Age: Newsroom Resistance to News Personalization

As news personalization becomes more prevalent, Aina investigates the resistance to recommender systems in newsrooms in Spain as a part of the Algepi-project.

These work-in-progress posters showcase the diversity and depth of ongoing research of the SRP Media team. Together, we navigate the ever-changing landscape of recommender systems, digital platforms and streaming services.

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