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Presenting VRT's digital first strategy

20 Jun 2024

Preliminary findings of Pieter's case study: The digital-first strategy of VRT

In the span of a month, Pieter Van der Elst got to present his PhD work-in-progress at two different international conferences.

First, he participated in the RIPE conference held in Lisbon from 16 til 18 May 2024. The RIPE conference is dedicated to research on Public Service Media (PSM) for innovation and sustainability.

In a paper presentation about his case study on Flemish public broadcaster VRT's digital-first audio strategy, he outlined the innovative approaches VRT has adopted to adjust their operations to the platform era media landscape. 


The RIPE conference brings together established and junior researchers working on the topic of Public Service Media in the digital age. A perfect match with Pieter's work to present the preliminary findings, gather valuable feedback, and have some interesting discussions.

Pieter's next stop was the workshop on 'Television Strategies in an On-Demand Driven Media Culture', at the Danish Aarhus University. In the two-day gathering on 13 and 14 June 2024, Pieter presented the VRT case study to academics and industry representatives, in hopes of enriching their work on television with his learnings and take-aways on digital audio.

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