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Streaming Affordances for small media markets

Living Lab

Streaming Affordances for small media markets

2 May 2023


1 May 2027

Delayed viewing, major ad giants like Google and Facebook, and the rise of American streaming platforms have significantly increased the pressure on local providers. As a result, Flemish broadcasters and distribution entities have launched their own streaming services in recent years. Some offer free services, with or without ads (such as VRTMax, VTMGo, and GoPlay), while others operate on subscription models (like Streamz). Many of these platforms adopt the successful features of major streaming services. It's crucial for local providers to differentiate themselves with a wealth of local content, giving them a competitive edge over foreign platforms. However, a key challenge in our market is the limited scale, which necessitates strategic choices in purchasing, production, distribution, and marketing. At the heart of these changes is a shift in our viewing habits.

To give Flemish streaming services the best chance in a highly competitive market, we must understand how Flemish consumers watch, identify key viewing patterns, know what viewers expect from streaming services, and gauge the effectiveness of brand or content positioning strategies.

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