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Calling all music lovers!

28 May 2024

Help us by providing your music listening data

Your playlists have the power to drive change. By donating your favourite tunes to the Fair MusE project, you're not just sharing good vibes – you're supporting artists who deserve fair recognition and compensation!


SMIT, the research group at imec & VUB, is part of a wider interdisciplinary team of academic and industry partners whose mission is to raise awareness about how music algorithms, data collection, and exploitation models of social media and streaming platforms influence music creators and audiences. In a nutshell, the three-year Horizon EU funded project aims to promote fairness for a more sustainable and competitive music ecosystem in Europe.


If you are a user of Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music, be part of the change and donate your music streaming data here!


Let's build a more inclusive and equitable music industry, one playlist at a time!


For more information you can reach out to

For updates stay tuned on LinkedIn.

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