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News Recommenders in Small Media Markets


Streaming Audiences in Small Media Markets


Public Service Media and Platformization


LLMs and Recommenders


Affiliated projects

Elevating Customer Value of media recommendations through Enhanced User Satisfaction and Development

Recommenders, User studies

Public Service Media in the Age of Platforms

Platforms, Media Policy

Streaming Affordances for small media markets

Platforms, Public Service Broadcasting, Streaming

Promoting Fairness of the Music Ecosystem in a Platform-Dominated and Post-Pandemic Europe

Artificial Intelligence, Copyright, Media Policy, Music Industry, Platforms

Serendipity Engine

Recommenders, Artificial Intelligence, Smart City, Diversity and Serendipity

Understanding Algorithmic gatekeepers to promote Epistemic welfare

Artificial Intelligence, Platforms, Regulation, Media Policy

All our affiliated projects are part of the Media Economics & Policy unit at imec-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Researchers in this unit work on fundamental and applied research tracks seeking to advance knowledge on how digitalization, internationalization, and platformisation are impacting the business models of traditional media players, how these media players innovate and interact with new players, and how governments contribute to sustaining or strengthening local media ecosystems. The Media Economics & Policy unit is headed by prof. dr. Tim Raats.

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