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Jeroen Peeters

Senior Researcher Manager

Jeroen holds a PhD in Political Communication (University of Antwerp, 2022). His doctoral research explored the critical role of issue selection in political social media communication, examining both what politicians choose to highlight and what content citizens prefer to see. This comprehensive approach provided valuable insights into the digital political sphere. After his PhD, Jeroen worked as a researcher for a major media company.

Jeroen works as a Senior Researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) within the Media Economics and Policy unit at SMIT. His research interests focus on video streaming services and recommender systems in Flanders. He is the research manager for 2 projects. De Proeftuin tries to gain fundamental insights into user behaviour of streaming consumers.  The project wants to strengthen the offer, positioning, visibility and discoverability of Flemish streaming platforms in order to improve the overall experience users have with these platforms. The Serendipity Engine project sets out to support societal stakeholders in designing recommender systems to foster serendipity in public contexts.

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